eating & dancing

our favorites spots to eat, drink or dance at popoyo

Popoyo, a haven of cool vibes, boasts a plethora of must-visit spots, from eclectic restaurants to lively bars and rocking nightlife. Our culinary scene is unparalleled, and our pool parties? Absolute game-changers. But hey, sharing is caring, so here's the inside scoop on our favorite haunts.

breakfast & lunch of champions

At Tukasa, breakfast is included at no extra cost - however, feel free to explore other options; we don't mind a little culinary infidelity.


Tukasa: packed with fresh, local and seasonal products, our breakfast will delight both your healthy and hungry sides, the choice is yours! From 7am to 10:30 am. Free for guests.

Dog Town food truck: Right next to Tukasa, here, enjoy a seasonal fruit smoothie bowl, burritos, burgers, quesadillas, chipotle crema... yum! Open from 8 am to 2 pm. Prices around $7.

Camping Luna: Typical Nicaraguan breakfasts featuring dishes like gallo pinto, eggs, omelettes, burritos, accompanied by refreshing smoothies and juices, priced around $3-$5. Located right next to Beginner Bay and a 10-minute walk from Tukasa, here.

Yolanda cafe: essentially similar to camping Luna, but situated on the other side of Popoyo right at the entrance of the main road, priced around $3-$5. 15-20-minute walk from Tukasa, here.

La Loma del Sabor: a diverse selection of typical Nicaraguan dishes awaits you, not just for breakfast but also featuring fish, fajitas, tacos, and more. Try the banana con leche smoothie, it is so good. On the main road, but you have to go by bike, here.

Ocean view

Happy Coconut: frozen smoothie bowl, pancakes, french toast, ice coffee... for breakfast, priced around $6-$10. And for lunch: spaghetti with homemade sauce, burgers, and pizza with veggie choices for all, iced around $7-$15. Literally on the beach, 2 min walk from the Santana surf spot, and 5-minute walk from Tukasa, here.

99 Lodge: enjoy breakfast like avocado toast, oat meal, granola, huevos rancheros... with the best macchiato coffee in the area. Priced around $7-$12. A wide selection of salads for lunch (a rarity in Popoyo), along with the classic choices of pizza, burgers, and traditional Nicaraguan dishes. Priced around $9-$15. Within a 10 minute walk from us towards Beginner Bay, here.

Cafe con Leche: we absolutely love their gourmet toasted sandwiches – a delight for anyone in need of a cheesy fix. Located just 2 minutes from Beginner Bay, and 15-minute walk from Tukasa, here. Priced around $7-$10. And they host an BBQ every Saturday.

Costa Oeste: the best tacos in town, housemade to order corn tortillas, choice of achiote chicken, garlic roast pork, braised short rib, shrimp, or veggies topped... Right next to Malibu and Happy Coconut, here. Priced around $8-$10.


Malibu: our favorite... in the shade of a tropical garden - you must try their eggs Benedict, and the fresh, organic smoothies! 3 min walk from the Santana surf spot, and 1-minute walk from Tukasa, here. Priced around $8-$12.

Evening delight

Fancy ones

Oasis, Hide & Seek: delicious cocktails, stylish decor, and a menu that pays homage to seasonal bounty and culture - perfect for a date night. 2-minute walk from Tukasa, here. Priced around $5 for a small dish and $8-$12 for a main.

Rancho Santana: have you seen the series The White Lotus...? Anyway, this place is absolutely magical, with incredible dishes. Accessible by foot via Santana Beach, head there around 5pm to enjoy the sunset on the way. 15-minute walk from Tukasa, here. Make sure to reserve in advance (ask us the number). Priced around $20-$35.

Super hangry ones

Popoyo Republic: one of the most refined kitchens in the area, in a super chill atmosphere – the pulled pork burger is insane, with ultra-crispy homemade fries. We adore their fish and chips, and for a healthier option, the tofu bowl is delicious. This beachfront restaurant/bar is only open in the evening, with a DJ setting the vibe on Fridays and Saturdays. Within a 10 minute walk from us to Beginner Bay, here. Priced around $11-$15.

Castaway: missing draft beer? Try their in-house brewed IPA. Pair it with a game of pool and savor a huge greek-style gyros, available with marinated chicken, pork, or the veggie option. 2 minutes away on foot from Tukasa, right here. Priced around $11-$15.

Paolones: For an authentic Italian dining experience, look no further than Paolones. The lasagna is a culinary masterpiece that you simply must try. Add some red wine... Appetizers are priced between $6 and $9, and main courses range from $9 to $12. 5/10-minute walk from Tukasa Here.

Pizza Calabria: authentic Italian wood-fired pizza, simply delicious. Just 5 minutes away by motorcycle. here. Priced around $11-$15.

Peaceful ones

Malibu: healthy meals inspired by an authentic fusion of Central American and Western cuisines. We love the tranquility of the place, and it's just a stone's throw away from Tukasa, here.

99 Lodge: for a super romantic experience, you can dine directly on the beach under the stars, illuminated by candlelight. Priced around $15-$20. Within a 10 minute walk from us to Beginner Bay, here.

sunset lovers?

At the beach

Playa Santana: all you need is your eyes, just sit on the beach and enjoy the view. One of the most beautiful beaches in Popoyo. 2-minute walk from Tukasa, here.

Beginners bay: even if you don't surf, rent a board and experience the magical sunset from the middle of the water. Nothing best. To respect the surfers, find a spot on the side that won't interfere with their ride. Here.

At the bar

Tukasa: try our special cocktails - yes we have Espresso Martini - or simply a beer. Take it to a sunbed on our pool terrace, the bar is open to everyone.

La Finco Popoyo: easily reachable by foot from the beach (just continue walking past Beginners Bay), offering incredible views of the ocean and surfers. Right in front of Popoyo Reef and La Lejana, here.

let's do party

Experience the nightlife in Popoyo with weekly parties that shift with the seasons. Just ask our staff for the latest events, we know good.

Pool Parties at Tukasa

Our pool parties are inclusive, open to all hotel guests - and to the public with a purchased ticket. Cool music, cool people, cool cocktails.

Wanna dance?

Popoyo Republic: live music, DJs, good cocktails... all their events are announced on their Instagram account.

Popoyo Secret: every two weeks during the peak season, accessible by round-trip bus, check the details on Instagram.


Nica Grill Spot: +505 5726 2824 ask on WhatsApp for the weekly menu, get a visual preview of the food on their Instagram

La Loma del Sabor: +505 8765 0436 check the menu on Facebook