tukasa is designed to be a place where you can maintain - or regain - your physical and mental equilibrium

At Tukasa, we offer access to a diverse range of activities such as yoga, horseback riding, meditation, surfing, cigar making... Our gateway opens to authentic, local pursuits, ensuring a genuine experience. Simply sign up and immerse yourself in these experiences to make the most of your stay. 


Get your "om"

Indulge in tranquility at Tukasa as we introduce invigorating yoga sessions, designed to seamlessly commence or conclude your day with serenity. Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance as our expert instructors guide you through revitalizing poses, ensuring a harmonious start or a peaceful conclusion to your stay. Elevate your well-being with our exclusive yoga offerings, available to enhance your experience at our premier destination.


looking for some sick barrels?

Dive into the surf culture at Tukasa - strategically located amidst the hottest surf spots. Amp up your beach days with our top-notch surfboard rentals and catch the perfect wave under the guidance of our expert local instructors.

just for fun

Pool party

Immerse yourself in the ultimate pool party experience as we host exclusive events with a curated playlist of cutting-edge house music and a selection of meticulously crafted homemade cocktails...

yeah ha

triple gallop

Get ready for beachside horse adventures with our local crew – for maximum nature connection and discovering the coolest spots in the zone.

the floor is lava

keep the fire burning

Time to turn your exploration mode ON! Team up with our local guides for epic volcano expeditions and hikes. Brace yourself for a volcanic experience that's as hot as it gets!

Roll It Up Light It Up Smoke It Up

Better do it yourself

Sure, Nicaragua nails the cigar game worldwide, but crafting your own with some love? Now that's where the taste magic happens.