Once Upon a Time...


The adventure began during a trip across Latin America, where we met each other along the way and discovered a place where the time stood still, preserving a luxurious nature. A small surf town called Popoyo...

300 days of offshore winds


From the perfect wind conditions to the stunning beaches and landscapes, the warmth of Nicaraguans, the vibe... We discovered our paradise on the other side of the world.

endless summer

Birth of the idea

Convinced that this place will appeal to surfers and mesmerize travelers, we decided to build our dream hotel in order to cater to the most adventurous and like-minded individuals. We conceived a daring project together: establishing a house that would be both a heaven for sport enthusiasts and a retreat amidst the lush landscapes of Nicaragua. 

“Our purpose is to create a way of life that is healthy, sustainable, fulfilling, and fun. Popoyo is perfect: It’s a place where connecting with other people and with nature is so easy. “

step #1


It was high time to secure the ideal plot for the hotel, so after exploring around a dozen options, we finally settled on the one perfectly situated amidst prime surf spots - in the middle of a field, a short walk away from the surf beaches.


Designing the ultimate hospitality experience

With a wealth of experience from extensive travels and stays in various hotels and hostels all over the world, we collaborated with our architects to craft the perfect plans. We focused on every detail: comfort, design, practicality... to create the perfect hospitality experience just as we would like to live it.


Let the construction begin

The construction kicked off in March 2023 and took 10 months in total. The doors opened to the first guests in December 2023 - exclusively family and friends - to test everything before the official arrival of the first clients in January 2024.